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Problem arises when the difference in culture and subsequently difference in perception about a particular issue/act/custom/or policy stands between the manager and the individual. The multicultural set up of any workplace can create channel noises[1] at any moment, yet most of such situations are manageable, if the manager has requisite presence of mind and knowledge to tackle it. Most of such situations arise out of misconception about other culture and misunderstanding the act of a colleague belonging to different culture. In all such situations, managers should be prompt to act as a buffer to thwart any future implication or augmentation of the crises.

This is a common problem, as any manager would find it difficult to cater a multicultural audience at one go, if some of the members do not understand manager’s spoken language. However, a competent manager can overcome these crises by adopting various techniques like presenting his/her point with visual or with the help of other person or by learning the required language him/herself.

Problems in Manager to Individual Communication TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

In such cases, ERG Theory or Expectancy Value Theory can be immensely helpful for the manager in many ways – from ERG, s/he can derive the motivation for maintaining his/her patience or applying the most appropriate channel of communication that can have bearing on the individual’s well being, from the second theory s/he can modify his/her own way of communication.

Even as the development of science and technology has elevated the some of the workplaces to a state-of-the-art level and ramified the scope of production to a great degree, the ancient humane factor like effective communication still works as the life force of every industry, and from the perspective of globalization, the need to be adroit in this faculty has become essential for every manager.

Traditional thinkers might argue that implementation of communication theories in a workplace would be too much a deviation from its nature of job; yet, no one can deny the fact that without effective communication, any attempt to unify a multicultural workforce towards the benefit of the company is virtually impossible.

Therefore this essay picks up two such theories, viz., ERG Theory and Expectancy Value Theory, where the first one probes the need of the employers and helps in creating the roadmap of communication, and the second one deals with the nuances of communication itself. Together these two can greatly influence the training objective.

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