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Banquo and I were on our way back from the battle against the Norwegians when we first met them. We were both captains and we were celebrating winning yet another victorious battle. They were withered and did not look like inhabitants of the earth. I could not decide whether they were men or women. When they spoke they each greeted me differently. The first said I would be thane of Glamis, the second said I would be Thane of Cawdor and the third said I would be future king. They seemed to be looking into the seeds of time and I felt excited but also I did not no how it could be possible. I was already the Thane of Glamis but I did not understand how I could be Thane of Cawdor when he still lives!

Banquo about his future and they told him he would not be king but his descendents would be, also he would be greater and happier than me.


As we were walking back we met Angus and Ross. At that very moment they proclaimed me Thane of Cawdor. They told me of his betrayal and how Duncan had said I was to be Thane. I began thinking that if the first part of the prophesy was true then maybe the second part could come true. Bloody images came into my mind and I decided to think about it no more. I would let fate take its course.

That evening I wrote a letter to my beloved wife telling her of my great news. I wanted her to enjoy the moment and rejoice in happiness like I had done. I was excited, anything was possible!

When I arrived home she greeted me warmly with my new foretold titles and seemed proud of me. Duncan was due to arrive that very same night. My wife had a cunning plan in her mind and was anxious of my approval. As she told me of her vicious plan my face turned sour. She read my every thought and told me not to be weak. She described me as an innocent flower but that I should be like a serpent because a serpent strikes deadly and is never caught. My wife told me I was willing to take the title if it was offered to me on a plate but not to work for it at all.

The time was perfect she said and she would not let me back down, using all her feminine qualities to persuade me to do the dreadful deed. The plan was to give the guards wine and spirits to make it look as if they killed the king. They would not no for sure because they would sleep. My mind was made up and we went and mocked the time with fairest show.

Time passed and then the deed was done. With the drugged guards lying lifeless I made my way back to my wife. I heard a noise but my wife swore she never uttered a word. If it wasn’t her then it must have been the king’s sons in the next chamber. I began to worry!

Duncan’s sons were lodged together and one cried ‘God bless us’ but I could not reply. The absence of my Amen disturbed me deeply. It stuck in my throat and I realised I would not be able to sleep peacefully again. It was then that my wife noticed I still had the daggers in my hand. She told me to go and place them back with the guards but I could not. She had not seen what I had seen. She called me a coward and placed them back herself but it was ok for her, her mind did not race at the thought of the deed. I was full of guilt and my conscience was taking control of me just like my wife had done a few hours earlier. Everything had seemed so simple but now I realised the full extent of what I had done…

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