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Conceptual Framework For Ontology Based Information Computer Science Essay

Over the old ages, the volume of information available through the World Wide Web has been increasing continuously ; unluckily, the unstructured nature and immense volume of information accessible over webs have made it progressively hard to happen the relevant information. The information retrieval techniques normally used are based on keywords, wherein provided keyword list […]

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Web Based Student Registration System Computer Science Essay

A computing machine is a landmark development of world civilisation. It is besides a nowadays feature in the assorted Fieldss of scientific discipline, industry, economic and military as they provide to worlds from the velocity and truth in finishing many of the computations and everyday and ability to salvage and recover information in a timely […]

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Alfred Nobel

A biographical essay on the life and works of Alfred Nobel. Alfred Nobel Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm, Sweden on October 21, 1833.(Encarta) His father Immanuel Nobel was an engineer and inventor who built bridges and buildings in Stockholm. In connection with his construction work Immanuel Nobel also experimented with different techniques of blasting […]

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Why is the body an important object of anthropological study?

In order to try and understand a different culture I feel it is of paramount importance to first consider the smallest human unit of that culture. How people relate to that individual unit, facilitates understanding of collectives such as the family and the society itself. As Comaroff suggests, (1985:6-7), “the body mediates all action upon […]

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Why, for Rousseau, is it impossible for the General Will to ‘err’?

In his famous work The Social Contract Jean-Jacques Rousseau proposes an absolute rule of the general will (Melzer 1983, p. 633). He argues that the general will ‘is always rightful and always tends to the public good’ and that it can never ‘err’, i.e. that it never makes mistakes (Rousseau 2006, 1762, pp. 30-32). In […]

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 Why do many British families of South Asian background prefer arranged marriages?

The tradition of Arranged Marriages was practiced by kinship groups in the South Asian sub-continent centuries before migration to Britain took place during the 1950’s. Initially, migrants came to Britain to earn wages (Shaw; 2000;13), However, the tradition of arranged marriages has remained popular amongst South Asian settlers. Anthropologists have argued arranged marriages in Britain […]

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Widespread in today’s world

The following essay aims to define witchcraft and explain why it has become so widespread in today’s world. There are many spheres to consider when discussing witchcraft, thus it is important to break down the concept to comprehend it fully. Firstly this essay will outline all areas which are relevant to witchcraft, including the history […]

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